Tuesday, April 8, 2008

DIE's Al Reddy supports Load Shedding

It's not often that we hear the good side of load shedding, but Dr. Al Reddy from the organisation Doctors for Implementing Euthanasia (DIE) has called Eskom's 'power sharing' a step in right direction for their cause.

'Load shedding has removed the need for us to mercy kill all of our long time life support patients by cutting the power to their machines,' said Dr. Reddy. 'When I first heard of load shedding, I was hopeful that we would be included among those lucky few, as I saw the opportunities it presented.'

The problem has surfaced however that many of the wannabe euthanised are not on life support and are unable to reap the benefits of load shedding. Dr Reddy has called for these patients to have patience as DIE is currently looking into other government projects that may aid their cause.

Waseem -Allegedly- Dawood