Thursday, August 6, 2009

Nuptials No Joyride For Nachts

The popular magic carpet ride, 1001 Nachts, broke down today, and then burst into tears, in what was a rare display of emotion from the normally inanimate ride. The ride later revealed that he is totally depressed and devastated about his upcoming nuptials with Miss Amy Wolfe.

A Ferris wheel close to Nachts claims he never consented to the marriage in the first place, and he was of the belief that he had a purely business relationship with Miss Wolfe. The Ferris Wheel even claimed that the upcoming wedding has affected his work performance. "Nachts had plenty of ups and downs before, but he seems to be down all the time now."

Nachts himself admitted, marriage to Miss Wolfe was not his idea and he in fact had other plans for his future. "Like all other fairground rides, I've always wanted a family of my own, maybe marry a merry go round and have a couple of tilt-a-whirls, but this is definitely not what I had in mind."

Miss Wolfe's family and friends also seem to be against the marriage. Miss Wolfe's less ugly sister, Maria Defy, who is married to a refrigerator, remarked, "He is just taking her for a ride!"

Waseem -Allegedly- Dawood