Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chinese the new black

Stereotyping High Court granted a landmark ruling, this week, that Chinese South Africans are to be included in the definition of black people. During the apartheid era South African Chinese were labelled coloured because of the shape of their eyes. Post-apartheid South Africa left the S.A.C uncertain of the colour of their skin, creating confusion and mass hysteria. The rioting of all 40 S.A.C prompted human rights lawyers to step in. The 2 minute long struggle ended when Court Judge Hendrik O'Reilly exclaimed "Fuck it! we'll do it black.". The ruling states employment will no longer be tied to just pirating DVD's, sweatshops and counterfeit Armani's but taxi driver, roadworks and status of bees. "With the colour black comes great responsibility" said Lee Who " And we will not let our fellow brothers down"

"How Ehh m vely grad my penis size just shot up by 5 inches" said stereotypical black S.A.C Lee Mtshalelwa on the ruling of the court. One particular black S.A.C fondly recalls how his grandfather, a fake Armani bag salesman, used to shout proudly "Hey! Be a black man", adding that "this ruling would have meant a lot to him".

Not everyone is happy with the ruling though, resident racist Karl Konstantine Ketchup complains that it is going to make racism complicated." What am I going to call a Chinese guy now, ***** or ****** how will I know the difference... they all look the same" said Karl who was immediately arrested for his backward thinking.

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