Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Quagga Returns

Reports have recently come to light that the Quagga is not extinct as previously hoped. Khoisan and British have been blamed, not only for an incomplete job, but for letting the world believe that the Quagga were indeed gone.

'It are horrifying!' exclaimed Piet Pieterse, the first person to re-discover the now just endangered species, who is currently undergoing trauma counselling. 'First I am thinking, Sjoe that are a dirty zebra, then I'm realising that are a ghost of a quagga. I ran like the devil!' The incident was thought to have taken the life of Pieterse's daughter, Marietjie, who he claims was stolen by the 'spirit' of the quagga. Further evidence reveals however that his daughter was safe at home with her mother and never even went with her father on his hunting trip.

There is however some good news. The Hunting We Will Go Association of South Africa (HWWGASA) have promised to return the world to normalcy and rid the world of the quagga once and for all. HWWGASA spokesperson, Jenkins Padapop-pop, has said that the re-extinction might result in sizeable loss in the Sand Zebra population, which he assures us is a small price to pay. A small price indeed.

Waseem -Allegedly- Dawood