Friday, October 23, 2009

Breaking News : Hakuna Matata actually means Fuck Off

(Im actually killing two birds with one stone here - doing Kays writing challenge and a quick almost news piece.

Walt Disneys animated classic, The Lion King is at the centre of a new controversy this week after it was alleged that the movie contained profanity not suitable for children. This revelation came in the form of a paper presented at the Global African Culture conference this monday. Respected Proffessor of Linguistics and African Studies, Prof Lebo M. described his shock at first encountering the 'swear words' when he was in America earlier this year.

'Who told Walt Disney that Hakuna Matata meant No Worries in Swahili?' asked the respected scholar and researcher to a packed auditorium in Kinshasa. 'It is nothing more than American arogance to insinuate such a thing without even consulting a single person who speaks Swahili. If this was a joke by some underpaid and overworked scritpwriter, I am here to say, It is not funny!'

Almost News interviewed the Director of the movie, Rob Minkoff who just brushed it off as some tribe trying to cash in on the movies success. Dont they know that this movie is bigger than some small language that no one speaks?

(Ok, times up. I wont edit or anything - I did check up the directors name before starting though)