Thursday, February 19, 2009

SAA in Coke Bust

The twelve member crew of a recent SAA flight to Iraq was detained in the capital of Baghdad, this past Monday,  after being found with over R2 million worth of Coke in their possession. 

The highly publicised arrest has brought about mixed feelings amongst the population of Iraq, with many outraged at the confiscation so far as to protests being held outside the airport. While others have written in to government congratulating them on the efforts to eradicating Coke from the country.

"This day is a victory for those opposed to Coke, and will help all those addicts in combatting this dreaded substance" said refreshment business owner, Humza Ku Ee Al Haq.

However many find the arrest as contradicting the very concept of a democratic Iraq and find the confiscation violating the peoples' right to choice.

"We do not care about the damage Coke does to our bodies, we feel they are our bodies to damage. Also, Pepsi is crap" proclaimed Coke addict leader, Ali Uwais Koka Kola.

Waseem -Allegedly- Dawood