Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Charoubook helps you connect with your bras

Hot on the heels of Muslimbook, 'the first full-featured Muslim social networking site', Preggy from the sevens in Phoenix and his bra Logie from the elevens in Chassies, announced yesterday, that they have decided to launch their own Durban Indian social networking site, Charoubook. Preggy exclusively informed Almost News the reason behind the site. "See yer, charous like to chune, right? So why don't we have a site and all? I chuned my bra Logie, and he reckoned 'Ya cameway, let's dalla one.'"

When asked how Charoubook will differ from the hugely popular Facebook, Preggy said,"Cos check yer it will be for charous isn't? Facebook is lucker and all but we'll have one two top features like what's happening at the Lugs page and Muthu Murugan page. Yoh, that ou is such a ripper." Other features include charou terminology replacing all the regular wording on the site. For eg. Home will be changed to posse, like will be changed to smaak, and what's on your mind will be changed to whatkine for you bra? The traditional Facebook poke will be replaced by a dalla. Preggy's bra Logie also said, "We working on one two other things but we can't chune you'll now."

Charous have been in South Africa for 150 years now and have been meeting their connections ever since. Preggy and Logie feel Charoubook is the ideal medium for charous to meet all their connections and 'chune them whatkind'.

The inception of a Charoubook has given some people cause to question their identity however. Mo Khan from Silverglen said,"I'm a slamou and a charou so whatkind? Must I join Charoubook or Muslimbook? Or maybe Facebook? I have a face also."

Waseem -Allegedly- Dawood