Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Captain America Release Date Angers Muslims

Muslims in South Africa were extremely disappointed to discover that Captain America, the slightly less popular Marvel character, movie will be released during the holy month of Ramadaan.

Ramadaan is the month in which Muslims fast all day and pray at night, so many Muslims will have to forgo the experience of another Marvel movie for the year. Angry and annoyed Muslims took to twitter to complain about the lack of foresight by the distributors of Captain America.

One of the more obscure tweeters, Moulana Waheed tweeted, "Captain America releasing during Ramadaan, more Anti-Islamic propaganda by the Western kuffar. First OBL now this! #amrikashaitaan"

Many political scientists have scorned such a release date as totally against the idea of a peaceful South Africa and have warned such a move could result in terrorist activities, such as popcorn thrown in cinemas, boycotting of Coca Cola and other heinous Islamist tools.

Some astute observers have drawn parallels between this and the Jewish community complaining over Coldplay tour dates, but most analysts have called such observations ridiculous saying, "When have you ever seen a Jewish terrorist?"

Waseem -Allegedly- Dawood