Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Infidelity Is A Fashion Statement

Due to sudden spate of infidelity by high profile celebrities around the world, such as Tiger Woods, John Terry and Jacob Zuma, infidelity is being seen as the new in thing amongst the fashion conscious across the world. From catwalks of Milan to the dusty streets of Stanger, men all over the world are indulging in extra-marital affairs in order to stay with the in crowd.

Jean-Paul Cardin of Milan has revealed although he loved his wife and didn't feel the need to cheat on his wife, he was forced to do so due to peer pressure. Being in the highly fashionable career as a fashion designer, he felt for his family's sake he had to be at the pinnacle of fashion, including sneaking around his wife's back and sleeping with a secretary/model and/or a friend's wife/daughter/partner. Mr Cardin said, "It is like how the American Ice-T said 'Don't hate the playa, hate the game'. "

Wives have also begun to accept infidelity as a fashion trend. Savatri Pillay of Stanger recently discovered her 52 year old husband Balan's infidelity and was surprised to learn the reason was due to him trying to follow the latest fashion trend. She has however accepted that one cannot fight fashion.Mrs. Pillay said "Oyo what must do if it's the fashions? I didn't know he was so fashionable and all." When asked if her husband's infidelity could lead to divorce she replied," Oyo I can't divorce and all, you know how people will talk."

To complement the recent trend, Calvin Klein have decided to come out with a new fragrance called Infidelity to suit the trendy men who are out and about committing infidelity. The new fragrance is said to smell of lies, excuses and cheap lipstick.

Waseem -Allegedly- Dawood