Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Load Shedding strains Diplomatic Relations

Tensions were high this week as South Africas botched electricity crisis led to diplomatic intervention from one of the countries strongest allies, Pakistan.

The Pakistani ambassador, Muhammed Ali Muhammed abdullah Khan put forth the grievances of Pakistans largest lobby group, 'Distributors of Intellectual Properties, Software and Highly Important Technologies' (DIPSHIT) whose main concern was that load shedding meant that people cut down on their television viewing time, and instead, found alternate ways of being entertained. Reduced TV time meant reduced sales of the various DVD's.
Chairman of the lobby group Anwar Alli Alli Khan stated that Load shedding is devastating for the Pakistani economy, whose two sole streams of revenue come from Goat Cheese and Pirated Hollywood movies. 'Spiderman 3 paid for two water refinery plants last year', Khan has stated.
Almost News has tried to contact the Southern African Federation Against Copyright Theft (SAFACT) but they were too busy making crappy commercials and could not give a statement.
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