Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Babe Star Flies Off The Handle

It was pandemonium on the sets of the soon to be released movie Babe: Pig in Space, today, when the lead star, Hwan Nwan, erupted into sneezing fit while shooting. Many of the cast and crew scattered from the sets, disrupting the entire day's shooting.

Many of the cast and crew have since refused to come back, and labeled the set as a 'death trap'. The Cow, who chose to remain anonymous, said "Moo!". While Magda Szubanski, who reprises her role as Farmer Hoggett's wife revealed,"There has been alot of tension ever since Hwan, which sounds suspiciously Mexican, refused to admit or deny to the role of pigs in recent H1/N1 epidemic."

Hwan, the series star, as well as the star of many other blockbusters such as Jurassic Pork, Hamistad and Ocean's Eleven, found the cast and crew's reaction appalling and distasteful. "I have been been working with most of them for almost 15 years, and I would have expected more support in this trying time. Especially since I was so supportive to Ferdinand during the days of bird flu, and to The Cow during the days of mad cow disease. This is blatant speciesm!"

Director Chris Noonan, however, has remained upbeat and thinks that the situation will blow over, but found Hwan's claims of speciesm totally absurd and was forced to give Hwan a talk over his accusations."I told him that this was the last I wanted to hear such hogwash, I said,'That'll do, Pig. That'll do.'"

Waseem -Allegedly- Dawood


Khadija said...

"..blatant speciesm." Lol. Brilliant.

Nafisa said...

Hahaa, excellent stuff!

Antonio said...

oceans eleven?? not sure i get that. is it cos Brad Pitt ate like a pig in that movie?

Azra said...

lol @ Jurassic Pork...

On a different note, I don't get how people can eat anything that stays pink AFTER you've cooked it. Surely it cant be healthy.