Thursday, November 13, 2008

Barack Obama: Closet Muslim?

Rumors have resurfaced that Barack Obama, now president of the United States, is in fact Muslim, despite the numerous stories to the contrary. Conspiracy theorists and rumor mongers are in the process of building up credible evidence to prove once and for all, Obama is a member of the Islamic faith.

The reason for recent suspicions of President Obama's faith, is his sudden disappearance immediately after sunset. White House officials are also concerned about the President waking well before sunrise, and often appearing later with folded trousers.

A source in the IRS has confirmed the President has recently paid out an amount, which totals just above 2.5% of his entire assets, to an anonymous charity. The source also confirmed that this payment happens annually, usually around the time of the Muslims' holy month of Ramadaan.

President Obama has once again refuted rumors, and refused to comment. "I will neither deny nor confirm such ridiculous rumors." The President did however confirm he is planning a 3-4 week trip to Saudi Arabia, and hopes to ease tensions in the Middle East, as well as get a haircut. He also asked everyone for their forgiveness.

Waseem -Allegedly- Dawood


M Junaid said...

I Love it :D
Really funny piece - Youre a don!

Tazeen said...


funny as hell.

on a serious note, instead of creating home grown leaders and heroes, Muslims across the world want to piggy back on the American leader, how gay is that?

Khadija said...

it's wonderfully written, :D

Nooj said...


Islam is on the map...
before we could take the opportunity to put it there :/

archtype said...

could you imagine the irony if he ended up being shia.......!