Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Facebook Not Quit

This past Monday was QuitFacebookDay and for the 2 people who actually participated, the event was an absolute success. As many as 5 people registered for the much-hyped and sparsely participated event to quit Facebook over privacy concerns, but the other 3 people registered again soon after quitting, unable to cope with the ignominy of not having a Facebook account.

Zark Muckerberg, one of the two people who actually quit, didn't feel 'Facebook had much respect for him or his data'. Muckerberg said 'I put up private stuff on Facebook on my own volition, and I expect a free site, which I do not contribute to monetarily, to respect my privacy because I don't feel I have to respect my own. Facebook should do this for me.'

One of the Facebook reverts, who quit initially, and soon afterward signed up again, said, "I could not handle not knowing what my friends, neighbours, colleagues and that guy I met yesterday were doing. I signed up again but now I face the real uphill battle, adding all my friends again."

Facebook were quite upset to discover of the quitting of the two users.A Facebook spokesperson said,"Here at Facebook we treasure each and every one of our users from John Smith, with that weird goat fetish to Peter Williams, whose password is marmalade. Every user is like a people we may know."

Peter Williams, whose password is marmalade and a regular Facebook user, was asked if he would quit Facebook. Williams, whose password is marmalade, replied,"Quit Facebook? Are you mad? Who would water my Farmville crop?"

Waseem -Allegedly- Dawood

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