Monday, October 29, 2007

5 Little Piggies : The Aftermath

The small town of Foot was rocked recently by the murder of beloved, 2nd little Piggie, who was found dead at the Piggies home this past Friday night. The murder scene left officers baffled behind the possible motive for such a crime. Events soon escalated after it was discovered that 5th Little Piggie was taken into custody, charged with the murder of his brother, 2nd.

Authorities have now revealed this was due to the trail of urine(wee) found leading towards the Piggies home, around the time of the apparent murder, which upon DNA analysis matched that of 5th. Close friends have said even though there was an animosity between the two, no-one could have predicted such a tragedy.

Our well wishes and condolences go out to the Piggie family at this trying time.

-Waseem 'Allegedly' Dawood-

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