Thursday, October 18, 2007

Robbie Williams Steps out of the Closet

British singing star and pop icon, Robbie Williams, told a packed conference in London that he is finally ready to embrace his sexuality and declared that he is gay. The singing star was previously concerned that his 80 million pound record deal with EMI would be cancelled, but was relieved when they told him last month that he can share his secret with the world.The announcement has sent shock waves across the music world as Robbie Williams is often portrayed as a red-blooded heterosexual man.
His publicist, ms Jo Khan fielded various questions after the conference. According to ms Khan, Robbie has been alluding to his sexual orientation for many years now and that he is glad he has come out of the closet. She states that in his 2001 documentary, Nobody Someday, he admits that the “brand” of Robbie Williams the pop star is fake and he feels uncomfortable about it. She also states that his popular song Rock DJ is an actuality an “ allegory of his stormy love triangle with DJ Paul Oakenfold, a popular dance DJ and former child star Macauly Culkin”. Culkin is also the focus of his hit duet with Kylie Minogue, Kids. Khan said, “ Robbie is relieved and wants to start a vigorous re-branding campaign which is more true to the real him. Amongst the various changes, Robbie wants to change the name of his 1998 album to I've been expecting you sir".

Long time fan of Robbie Williams, ms Q Daya said “ I am glad that Robbie finally came out of the closet. He has been really depressed recently”. Robbie’s various addictions are well publicized and are now believed to be part of his way of dealing with his former persona. The cheeky superstar was all smiles when he told the horde of journalists present at the conference that he likes to ‘take it up the batty”, a popular British slang used to describe a sexual act. When asked which musicians he fancied, Robbie said that he would love to “get it on with the entire ensemble of Ladysmith Black Mambazo”, a popular Academy Award winning South African choir. His latest album Intensive Care, a reference to Intensive Care Vaseline is one of the biggest selling albums of 2005 achieving No 1 status in 18 countries.
MJ 'claims' Khan


aksn1p3r said...

Is this for real? Hehehe!

lol@ Intensive Care

Libra said...

I used to think Robbie Williams was just another superficial pop star obsessed with materialistic matter. I now understand his music on a whole deeper level:)