Saturday, November 24, 2007

Peach and Luigi elope. Mushroom Kingdom in shock

Chaos erupted in the Mushroom Kingdom this week, when Princess Peach, current Monarch and ruler eloped with a local plumber, Luigi. Many residents are still coming to terms with the marriage, with most feeling that it will create instability in the region.

The hardest hit by the event is Luigi's brother Mario, who spent most of the week at Yoshi's Bar and Tavern, inebriated with Mushroom Beer. Almost News asked Mario for a comment to which he replied "That no good floozy did nothing but lead me on. Mario I baked you a cake, and mario please a save a me. Do you know how many a times I saved her ass from Bowser? Can't the cow get better security or a restraining order or something? I'd like to see my rat brother save her this weekend".

Princess Peach responded to Mario's comments by saying, "all that fat hobbit did was collect coins and jump on goombas all day. I needed more than some money grabbing sexual deviant. Luigi always had time to listen to me. He was never busy collecting stars, or abusing turtles or anything. And I must say, while Mario was busy exploring pipes, Luigi was seeing to my pumbling quite nicely" she added.

When asked if he felt like he betrayed his brother, Luigi said, "Ai, what to do, Shit a Happens'

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I heard a rumour that Sonic took a whole bunch of rings to propose to her :D

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